General Scope

This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) covers the rules for the use and protection of personal information of users of the website (hereinafter referred to as “”) accessed through


1) does not sell, rent, or in any way provide any personal data (such as your name, surname, email address, etc.) submitted by members and visitors through surveys and forms used on to third parties.
However, the user information provided can be used to improve the portal by obtaining statistical information (such as age, gender, geographic location, etc.) without disclosing personal identities, in order to advance the site further. Such information may be disclosed to third parties in statistical form without disclosing personal identities and may be published on the website.

The requested information is required for visitor profiling, reporting, serving as a resource for promoting services, determining trends in site usage, sending printed correspondence, sending press releases via email, and creating lists for events or competitions.

2) takes necessary measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal information and transaction data of users. may also use additional programs for this purpose.

However, shall not be liable for any damage to personal information or its acquisition by third parties resulting from attacks on the website and/or system, despite the necessary information security measures taken by

3) It is not possible for one user to access and modify/view another user’s information. The user’s personal information can only be accessed by the user, except for, and this information can only be updated by the user. Upon the user’s request, personal information can also be updated by

4) Unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Agreement (Privacy Policy) and except in the limited circumstances specified below, will not disclose user information to companies and third parties with whom it does not cooperate. These circumstances are as follows:


  • Compliance with obligations imposed by laws, decrees having the force of law, regulations, and other legal rules issued by competent legal authorities.
  • Fulfillment and implementation of the requirements of the contracts made by with its customers.
  • Request for information related to users for the purpose of conducting an investigation or inquiry conducted by competent administrative or judicial authorities in accordance with the proper procedure.
  • Provision of information to protect the rights or security of users.


Contact Page

Through this page, you can reach the site administrators and editors. In order to be able to provide feedback and information, you need to provide your own email address. This information is completely confidential for your security and rights.


Web Beacons and Cookies

Some applications used on store user settings and web browsing history information using cookies when necessary to provide personalized content and/or better service to the user.

In addition, advertising partners and third-party applications may store user information on their own servers and have their own privacy policies, using cookies, web beacons, or scripts to provide useful information and display advertisements. If you have concerns about the collection of user information, please be aware that you have the option to disable cookies through your browser settings.

Those who benefit from services are deemed to have read and accepted all these terms. The administrators of reserve the right to modify the explanations provided above.


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