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6 Famous Paintings You Should Know

In this art-filled content, we have compiled for you some of the works that have an important place in the history of art under the heading of “6 Famous Paintings You Should Know.” In introducing the world’s most famous art pieces, we tried to increase the catchiness by keeping the narrative simple and short. I wish you the pleasure of having information about it when you see these historical paintings anywhere…



6 Famous Paintings You Should Know


1- The Night Watch

Painter: Van Rijn Rembrandt


6 Famous Paintings You Should Know

The Night Watch, Van Rijn Rembrandt | 6 Famous Paintings You Should Know


Harmensz van Rijn Rembrandt, one of the important painters of the Netherlands, trained alongside many artists.

Rembrandt researchers are predicted to be influenced by Pieter Lastman and Jan Lievens with whom he shared his workshop. The artist, who settled in Amsterdam in the early 1630s, started to appeal to an important group with his successful portraits.

Unlike the artists of his era, he sought to portray the story of lives that went on, not the past.

His passionate and curious character pushed him to paint different subjects. The “The Anatomy Lessons of Dr. Tulp”, which he painted in oil on canvas, created a surprise in his surroundings. His most famous work “The Night Watch” draws attention as a dynamic and active group portrait in the crowd.

The most important feature of the painting, which describes the night patrol of the city guards under the command of Captain Frans Banning Cocq and Lieutenant Willem van Ruytcnbuch, is that a mysterious air was created thanks to the games of light.

In the painting, one of the most important features of the Baroque style is the ingenious use of light shadow contrast by the painter, so all the figures are perceived as if they were alive.


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2- Two Women Chatting By The Sea

Painter: Camille Pissarro


Two Women Chatting By The Sea - Pissarro | 6 Famous Paintings You Should Know

Two Women Chatting By The Sea – Pissarro | 6 Famous Paintings You Should Know


Camille Pissarro, who is known as one of the most important names of the impressionist movement, was educated in Paris.

In 1855, he went to work out of Venezuela before settling fully in France. He was very impressed with Corot, whom he met at an exhibition. While studying at the art school Academie Suisse, he met Claude Monet, and thanks to him, at Cafe Guerbois, where the impressionists met, he was introduced as a new member of the group.

Pissarro and Monet, who had close friendships between 1870 and 1872, were ended on the outbreak of the French-Prussian war. Just like a guru, he had students who went after him and addressed groups.

Getting closer to Seurat’s neo-expressionism in the middle of the 1880s, Camille Pissarro moved away from his technique and adopted a new approach.

In the following years, he could not deal with painting anymore due to his eye discomfort. In Pissarro’s famous painting “Two Women Chatting By The Sea”, which paints France village and city life and landscapes, the color transitions draw attention.



3- The Artist’s Mother

Painter: James Abbott Mcneill Whistler


6 Famous Paintings You Should Know

The Artist’s Mother, James Abbott Mcneill Whistler | 6 Famous Paintings You Should Know


James Abbott Mcneill Whistler, who started his career as a soldier and worked professionally in the marine cartography department for three years, settled in Paris with a sudden decision when his interest in painting was heavy.

He had the opportunity to meet Courbet and joined a group of painters who advocated for realism.

He made imitations of paintings made in the Japanese style. He moved to London and found himself painting in British art style. In his use of harmony composition in which he describes the “moment”, he managed to capture his own style with intonations.

His paintings, dominated by emotional and moral issues, deeply influenced future British artists. The artist’s best-known painting, “The Artist’s Mother”, stands out with color transitions and brush strokes. The dominant colors are gray, black, and white, and the painting depicts an old woman, with her hands on her knees and wooden support under her feet his clothing is a reference to the period to which he belongs.



4- Las Meninas

Painter: Diego Velazquez


6 Famous Paintings You Should Know | Las Meninas, Diego Velazquez

Las Meninas, Diego Velazquez | 6 Famous Paintings You Should Know


Diego Velazquez took lessons in philosophy, language training, and painting. His first teacher was Herera, then he was trained alongside Pacheco. Impressed by both of his teachers, Diego Velazquez was appointed to the palace of IV. Felipe as a painter.

He won the friendship of the Spanish king. The artist, who made a name for himself with his portraits, created the atmosphere in his light plays and paintings inspired young Spanish artists.

Diego Velazquez’s most famous painting “Las Meninas”, which attracts attention with his Bodegon type of works, has a surprising feature. In his painting, Velazquez places himself among the portrayed ones and succeeds in creating an air of mystery with his play.

Felipe’s daughter Margarita and her maids sit next to Velazquez who painted the painting. The reflection of the king and queen from a mirror placed at the back is seen. Thus, the painting has included the outside inside, thanks to the mirror object.

The fact that the moment of the painting was in the painting made the painter memorable. Velazquez’s works, which he added to Western painting with different interpretations of space, are noteworthy.



5- The Swing

Painter: Jean Honore Fragonard


The Swing, Jean Honore Fragonard | Famous Paintings You Should Know


Jean Honore Fragonard trained himself by taking lessons from Chardin. He received the Prix de Roma in 1752. Despite being inspired by many Dutch masters, it never lost its originality. In general in his works; He dealt with current themes such as distortions in the social order, eroticism, the picture of the ‘moment’ or deception.

He drew attention to the art world of the period with his paintings of children in different environments and paintings of naked women.

Working with the technique of oil painting, the artist also depicted many tales of La Fontaine.

Although it is difficult to fit Fragonard in a certain mold, the painter was impressed by the places he went to. He was inspired by the Venetian style during his travels to Italy and by the artists around him during his life in the Netherlands.

In contrast, his quick brush strokes helped him form his own style. His paintings featured the natural history of more than any known historical scenes. Standing out alongside “Stolen Kisses” and “The Bolt (The Lock)”, his most important painting “The Swing” depicts the moment when a very contented man looks at the hidden thing between the legs of a young girl swinging on a swing.

In the work, Fragonard refers to the fact that the women of that period, despite wearing fluffy and flashy dresses, did not use underwear and attached men to themselves.



6- The Death Of Virgin

Painter: Michelangelo Merisi Da Caravaggio


The Death Of Virgin, Michelangelo Merisi Da Caravaggio | 6 Famous Paintings You Should Know


Caravaggio, an Italian painter who took his last name from the village where he was born, studied in Milan and Venice before going to Rome.

He became one of the most original artists of the baroque movement with his use of light and shadow.

His first works were influenced by artists such as Lotto and Savoldo. He received training from Tiziano for a while and in this way established a relationship with the International School of Venice.

During his stay in Rome, he made his portraits especially his own, paintings of dead nature, and paintings of fruit. In addition to naturalism, the effects of the most current of realism are seen in its light and colors.

He painted religious scenes in his recent works. The painting “The Death Of The Virgin”, which is a masterpiece, is an indication that Caravaggio was a genius in light and shadow and that he treated the pictorial plane in a dramatic style.

In “The Death Of The Virgin”, the painter’s emphasis on shadows, unlike his contemporaries, makes the painting important, as it is perceived as a theatrical scene.


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