5 Famous Paintings You Need To See

We tried to glean the valuable paintings, each containing different stories, to be seen under the title “5 Famous Paintings You Need To See”.

The wonderful works that painters want us to travel to their own world, opening the door for us to travel to art history.



Famous Paintings You Need To See


1- Girl with a Pearl Earring

Painter: Johannes Vermeer


5 Famous Paintings You Need To See | Girl with a Pearl Earring - Johannes Vermeer

Girl with a Pearl Earring – Johannes Vermeer | 5 Famous Paintings You Need To See


Johannes Vermeer‘s reputation spread around the world after his death, as was the fate of many painters.

He was an artist of an almost reclusive character, who had never left his city in his lifetime. There is no more information about him.

It is known for using expensive paints such as lapis lazuli. He preferred to use a special technique called pointillé. He preferred to focus on a better world than the existing world and the theme of love in his works.

In his works, he painted every detail of the environment in which he lived, from a peasant girl to the resplendent life of the rich.

Girl with a Pearl Earring, which is called the Mona Lisa of the North, the purity of the young girl, and the impressiveness that comes from the simplicity in her eyes reflect the success of the painter.

While the pearl earring, the main object of the painting, stands out, the blue and yellow cover, which is the signature of the artist, is also remarkable.


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2- The Third of May 1808

Painter: Francisco Goya


The Third of May 1808 - Francisco Goya

The Third of May 1808 by Francisco Goya | 5 Famous Paintings You Need To See


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It is possible to find the first traces of Modern Art in the works of Francisco Goya, a painter known for his portraits. Goya, who gained fame at a young age through his paintings, came under the patronage of the king (IV. Carlos) when he reached the age of 40 and gave many works as the chief painter of the palace.

He suffered from hearing loss in Goya due to an illness during his travels to southern Spain. After this discomfort, Goya’s temperament became pessimistic. After this period, he started to focus on depression, cruelty, and trauma in his works. During this period, the works dominated by the observers came to the fore.

Goya, who was also affected by the invasion of Spain by the French soldiers, painted the violence and war in his painting “The Third of May 1808”.

The painting depicts a Spanish in a white shirt being shot by French soldiers. There are people lying in blood on the ground.

Francisco Goya portrayed his work on the auspices of the Spaniards who resisted Napoleon’s soldiers and were desperate during the French occupation of Madrid in 1808.

The painting is significant as it sheds light on a bloody history of war.



3- Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog

Painter: Caspar David Freidrich


Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog - Caspar David Freidrich | Famous Paintings You Need To See

Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog – Caspar David Freidrich | 5 Famous Paintings You Need To See


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Casper David Freidrich developed his talent by taking painting lessons at a young age. He was recognized as a prominent talent at the Copenhagen Academy, which he entered in 1794. After completing the Copenhagen Academy, he returned to Germany and settled in Dresde and did not leave this city until he gave his last breath.

He became famous for his dramatic scenes, complex emotions, and enigmatic atmospheres. He was very successful in transferring both calm and enthusiastic moments of nature to his works. The successful painter deeply impressed young German and Scandinavian artists.

In his lectures during his professorship at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden in 1824, he described formative figures and the intricacies of his romanticism.

For a while, his paintings were forgotten in the art environments. His name came to the fore again in the early 1900s.

The painting “Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog”, depicting a man on the cliffs in fog, tells the story of someone who thinks about the future but cannot see his way because of the collapsed dense fog curtain.

The fact that the man who looks at a complex and uncertain view in the work thinks about himself refers to both insignificance in this landscape and the fact that he dominates everything because he stands on a steep rock.



4- The Dance

Painter: Henri Matisse


The Dance - Henri Matisse

The Dance – Henri Matisse | 5 Famous Paintings You Need To See


Considered the founder of Fauvism, the direct use of raw and screaming colors, Henri Matisse is also referred to as a designer and a printmaker besides being a painter.

Matisse left school midway through studying law, and after 1890 was only interested in art.

He was inspired by the exotic colors of the symbolist painter Moreau. While neo-impressionist traces are seen in his early works, in the following years, Mediterranean style warms, vibrant colors in his paintings, and started to include emotional facts.

Over the years, Henri Matisse turned to a different style, and together with his friends in 1905, he created a new movement, Fauvism. Choosing to paint on the canvas in a distinctive new style with shapes and colors, he also influenced the younger generation after himself.

The painting “The Dance”, which was inspired by the frescos of Ambrogio Lorenzetti, whom he had the opportunity to see in 1907, is about human figures dancing in a simple composition on a blue and green background.

Intertwined people are connected and in harmony, just like written music. There is a contrast between the figures and the background. Dances are warm, the colors are cold.


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5- Composition IV

Painter: Wassily Kandinsky


Composition IV) - Wassily Kandinsky

Composition IV – Wassily Kandinsky | 5 Famous Paintings You Need To See


Wassily Kandinsky, considered one of the most brilliant painters of the 20th century, was impressed by Claude Monet‘s exhibition, which he went to while studying law.

He left school midway while studying law and moved to Munich and took lessons from Franz von Stuck. He joined a group of expressionist artists who called themselves “Blue Rider” and had the opportunity to meet with Franz Marc and Paul Klee, who directed the art of painting.

Mastered over time, Kandinsky’s works became abstract, ranging from expressionism to fauvism.

He reinterpreted the most famous paintings within the abstract art movement.

During his travels, he had the opportunity to examine the works of impressionist artists such as Van Gogh and Gauguin. He taught at the Bauhaus until the Nazi rule. After a while, he became a citizen of France.

For the painter, the original purpose of art was to move the inner world away from the outside world. Despite the vivid blue, yellow, and pink tones he uses in the “Composition IV” painting, he appeals to a world of introverted and confused feelings rather than happiness.

Defining his painting as abstract and free art, Kandinsky reflects his inner world by using free lines and colors in a free atmosphere.



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